What should I do?

Okay so my girl and I been together for a little over a year now. I love her, but I'm not IN love with her. As shitty as that sounds it's the truth. I can't imagine life without her but I want to move on. She's literally my social life, without her I don't socialize whatsoever. Without her I'll fail my last math class of high school. The biggest thing that makes me want to move on is honestly all her insecurities, like... I get it, I understand. She was cheated on in the past. Twice by the same guy actually. Even when I tell her she's beautiful, she denies it then asks why I don't call her cute names like that anymore. And the way she's holding onto me, almost seems like she'll jus be a depressed wreck if we ever broke up. We've talked about it, she's told me there's no being friends after, no leaving on good terms so I'm stuck here like "Wtf do I do"


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  • First of all: You rely way too much on her ("She's literally my social life, etc."). That is certainly unhealthy in a relationship. I think breaking up is the best if you think that being in love is essential in a relationship.

    Also, you think your girlfriend would be a wreck if you two split up. That will of course be the case, because she loves you. But this should not stand in your way of your own happiness (if you're happier without her).


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