Should I leave my husband after 3 months of marriage?

We had a wedding three months ago and it caused me much more trouble than happiness. Wedding was arranged one year ago and my husband insisted on a date, even I was begging him for a later date because of my exams at university. He told me later he would not marry me, so finally I had no choice. Later he said ok, but there were no free dates anymore.

Our wedding was between my exams and it was so stressfull to me that I had to visit psychiatrist because I could not sleep and had nightmares. I did not enjoy my wedding because I was completely exhausted and tried not to have a nervous break down. I had to change the date of the most important exam to September.

He knew that before I had some issues as I suffered from anxiety and depression, and it took me 7 years to get better again. And this is what hurts me so much. He was always telling me that I have to be strong enough to go through this, even when I was crying that this is too much for me.

Three months after wedding, I am depressed, nervous and I cannot forgive my husband that not even he destroyed a day that should be the nicest day in my life, but that I am about to take psychiatric medicaments again because of all the stress I am going through even now. I am very nervous when he is around as I cannot forgive him.

I am seriously thinking abou leaving my husband. I was always a responsible one, always rational, but I cannot get over the fact that he had no reason to insist on the date of our wedding, which caused me so much trouble.

What should I do? Should I leave him or forgive? How to forgive?
Should I leave my husband after 3 months of marriage?
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