Someone is making food in my house?

And it smells like Christmas and kittens!
I don't mean that it smells like someone is cooking a kitten 😑 I mean the smell of the smelly smell is so good that it smells like a baby kitten 😍


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  • Christmas I get, but kittens? That's a touch unusual.

    • As in, all things wonderful.. 😒 I should have worded this differently! Brace yourselves! The perves are gonna comment ! 😑

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    • Smells like burgers ! I'll wait patiently till they go to bed then I go down for the kill ☺️😈😁😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

    • lololol... Well, enjoy! ;). Actually, a burger sounds pretty good... maybe I'll get one for lunch tomorrow.

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  • Oh dear

    • It smells so good! I'm about to slap a grandmother. .. Like right in her face ☺️😋

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