Is it ok that I still hate the fact that my ex girlfriend never even tried fighting for our friendship or relationship?

so i have talked to my ex girlfriend in almost 3 years now.. till i end up telling her off over Facebook for texting my best friend and accusing me of pretending to be her online. fast food 3 weeks i ended up walking by the place we first met and my friend texts me out of nowhere saying my ex-talk, s about me often and says she thinks am perfect. a lot of good memoirs pop in my head and honestly, i thought if she talks about me.. then she may miss our friendship too.. so i texted her hi old friend. then, Pauline, my ex-texts my best friend and says does sean girlfriend knows he keeps trying to talk to me? i wouldn't like it if my boyfriend was trying to talk to his past, maybe i should talk to his girlfriend and let her fix this? my friend sama then said no i know for a fact Sean has only texted you twice and he only texted you today the 2nd time to try fixing the friendship you once had. my ex-replied... i don't know I don't know what to do but i gotta ask my boyfriend permission before talking to Sean since i known he would kill me if he finds out. 3 questions.1. why does she treats her new boyfriend so much better than me when i treated her better and all of our problems come from her parents? we never went on 1 date alone and spent 10 months in her living room watching tv thanks to her family.2. is it bad this is the only thing that effects me? am 1000000% over my ex girlfriend and speaking to her makes me realize how lucky i am to have my current girlfriend.3. was i right from stopping my current girlfriend for telling my ex gf? pretty much every time we go shopping with out fail my ex-stares at me.. even random people had pointed it out to me and my girlfriend..


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  • Time to move on


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