Texting Frequency?

OK, so I had been talking to this new guy. He would text me first every morning & we would text all throughout the day. I went to his place & we had a good evening. Yes we had sex & he asked me to stay the night. The next morning he left early to go to work & I stayed asleep. I left & locked myself out. He text me just like he did every morning. He asked me if I'd like to see him again; I said yes if he did. He agreed. We didn't text as much because he had meetings. That evening he had his kids so I gave him space. Saturday I gave him space & he text me in the afternoon then that was it. Sunday I decided to text him around 2 & it was brief. So Monday I figured we would be back to normal since he won’t have his kids, but he didn't text me good morning. I text him and he wasn’t short or anything. I thought for sure he’d text that evening. WHAT IS GOING ON?


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  • wow that's needy as hell.


    Sounds like this relationships not going to last very long.

    • I understand what you're saying, but I guess I didn't word it in the best way. When you behave in a certain manner then the other party gets accustomed to it and they set the standard. When something like sleeping together for the first time happens and then everything else changes I guess it just alarms me.

    • Needy and clingy behavior doesn't just stop being needy and clingy just because youve slept together. Otherwise you probably wouldn't be writing this.

    • OK, thanks for your help.

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