She dumped me but promised to text me?

hey folks,

my girlfriend of 3 months broke up with me 2 months ago. She told me the spark was gone and she didn't know how to get it back. This was from the girl who said I would be around a long time, told me how she'd like me to propose to her and a week prior to break up met all my closest friends!

she said she thought it was cause she'd been so busy and would be for the next few weeks. She said she thinks she might regret breaking up with me but had to take the risk that I would find someone else. She said she would definitely text me in the next couple of months.

i tried to assume she was just saying all this to soften the blow and move on. But deep down I've been waiting for that text. I've been on dates and find myself thinking of her.

i recently spotted her on the same dating site as we met on so I'm guessing the text is not going to come. It felt like we just broke up all over again.

im so tempted to take a look at her profile (she would know) or send her a text. Maybe she's hoping I text her? Am I wasting my time? Should I just try harder to move on and forget her? And accept all the stuff she said was BS? Thanks
Any female perspective would be good too


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  • honestly I went through something similar. I'd say you could look at her profile and when she sees you have wait for her to text you. If that text never comes then just don't bother with her man. This is actually really similar to something like I went through and I never got a text either...


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