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So i punctured my tires last night and needed someone to help had no one on my mind but my ex from 2 years ago that I'm still in love with. He came as soon as i told him and fixed everything and insisted i sat in the car since its a "mans job" i tried to help the most i could but i have always been in love with him.. I'm seeing him tomorrow to give him something of his back. And planning on opening this conversation topic "I'm still in love with you and I'm sorry for my mistakes" any tips? On whats to say and what not too and id this is a good idea
  • Tell him in still in love with him
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  • Don't mention it at all..
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  • What was the reason for your relationships downfall? And please add details or my opinion won't be accurate at all

    • Misunderstanding between me and him i wasn't there for him at his time of need and I apologized in a day or two but he never came back.. whenever i say lets meet up to talk he says if i see you i will get back with you etc.. i feel he fears getting back with me yet i also feel sometimes like he cares so much.. example last night he didn't want me to get out of the car he didn't want anyone passing seeing me out this late he made sure i was okey i called when i got home to make sure im safr

    • I say tell him your in love

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