Can a prideful person like myself ever learn to admit my past mistakes with my ex GF?

I'm sure many people have done the same in a smaller scale, but my prideful passive agressiveness is to the point where my girlfriend of two years did something that annoyed me last Halloween so I stopped answering all calls and text as well as blocking her without talking out the issue. My way of breaking up was to not respond until she quit trying to contact me so we never spoke since Halloween. I saw her with friends at the same bar I was at today and when she waved at me I gave her no response and was too prideful to apologize and wish her well. The worst part is I know my actions were cold towards her and I am afraid to admit it cause my pride gets in the way.


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  • Do you want to have a successful relationship at some point in your life? If so, yes you can. You will need to put in work and effort to make it happen, but change is always possible.

    If you want a successful relationship, you can't ghost like that, and especially not to punish her. You're cutting off your nose to spite your face, she did something you disliked and you wanted to punish her for it, thus basically ghosted, but the problem is, she doesn't know what she did wrong and you two were not able to resolve the problem.

    • I think part of it is i hate offending people directly so if i let her wonder rather then tell her why I disagreed with her actions then I'm saving her the insult.

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    • May I ask of you have ever forgiven him or would welcome an apology even if this situation occurred so long ago and he offered to explain himself? Cause I feel guilty and am thinking of sending a text saying what she did that bothered me and apologizing for ghosting. Then mention im not looking to get back together or forgiveness i just want to get this off my chest and wish her the best.

    • The ghosting was recent, I would welcome an apology, I would forgive him if I understood why he ghosted.

      Honestly, she's probably forgiven you, considering she waved at you at the bar. So she probably doesn't hate you for it?

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  • Of course you can. It's a choice, as is the vast majority of human behaviour and reaction.
    Ghosting out of a relationship is cruel, and doing so has achieved nothing at all. She doesn't know what she did wrong, so can't prevent it from happening in the future and you can't communicate your feelings on an issue to either resolve it, learn and move forward or know when to call it quits.
    Doing so makes all of your relationships disposable, as you aren't willing to fix them. I'm not sure that your reaction is pride, but rather an ego and a sense of superiority that she chased after you while you punished by ignoring her.

    • Well like I commented above I feel bad saying why I had issue with her action so I mentally say maybe if I keep her wondering it won't hurt her as much. The ego thing is weird to me cause I don't miss the attention when she tried to contact me it's just a feeling of regret in my gut knowing I could have done things differently.

    • It's strange that you would feel bad about telling her what she did wrong and giving her the opportunity to fix it, then going through the time and effort of ignoring her when obviously she would have been distressed and hurt trying to get you to talk.

      Anyway, fully capable of change if you want to be 😊 What's easy isn't always right

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