Awkard break up... why is he ignoring me?

My boyfriend and I broke up but he would not answer my calls or text messages. I was trying to return about 30 pair of shoes he had at my place and give him back his key. He would not answer nor respond. I finally just dropped everything off when he was at work and left his key in a specific spot. He got the key and I'm sure he saw his things but he never bothered to call or text me. He then had my itinerary for an international flight and he would not send it to me nor respond to my messages. He finally sent me the itinerary but did not say anything to me. He paid for my flight and I asked him if he would like me to pay him for the flight and he did not respond. Why is he being so rude? When I broke up with him I tried to be civil and he was yelling and screaming. I don't want things to end badly but it seems like they already have.


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  • he doesn't know how to deal with the emotion, but at least he's keeping that to himself rather than going out of his way to hurt you. sure it hurts this way too, but it's better than what i had described. he gave your stuff back and paid, it's not as bad as it could be.

    • I gave his stuff back. He didn't pay for anything.

    • True... your right about that!!! Guess I should be grateful he isn't trying to hurt me.

  • Well, you broke up with him and he's most likely feeling all sorts of ways. Negative most like. He probably is wondering if you were the right girl and how mistaken he was or how everything was just an utter waste of time. If he's not responding to your calls or anything it's because he's human and feeling emotional. Can you blame him? I wouldn't. It's not immature or irrational, more than just normal.

    • I guess I felt it was immature because he was yelling and flipped out and I was trying to return his things. The reason I broke up with him is because he was sneaky and made me feel like we had no future together. I assume he would want his key back and 30 pair of shoes. I later found out he was dating a woman and dumped her for me. Our relationship was on the rocks the entire time. I just wanted to end on good terms but I guess I didn't consider his feelings.

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    • Thanks!!! Yes it's been civil!!!

    • Yeah, no problem.

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  • Because he is ur ex now

    • I get that but I tried to be as gentle as possible with the break up and I think he knew he was in the wrong. I've only been in 2 long term relationships so this is new to me.

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