Why Now? Should I Give Up?

OK so I have my wife right, and we have been on and off again for a few months. I move to New York while she was still in Texas. She later came to New York without me knowing to find a job. Since she has been here she has made it very clear she doesn't want to be here, in New York or the part I live in which is the boogy down Bronx. Also her and my father are bumping heads a lot which is unusual. Now she has been talking about her going back home to Houston but the only problem with that is we were saying we was going to work on us. I'm not going to try and up hold a marriage long distance. Now when she brought it up to me today there was no us only her. What should I think, feel, or do? I need help and I need it fast.


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  • I think your marriage is over. If you no longer love each other/ make sacrifices for the sake of your marriage/ communicate better then there's no point in staying. The fact that you moved out without her says a lot. I think it's over. Stop wasting each other's time. A healthy relationship requires complete trust and commitment.

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    • Yeah most times that's how I feel. Just let it go and be free but it's the being free that's scary you know. Being with one person you get comfortable

    • I mean you can try again if you refuse to let go. You guys have history together. If you want to try you can. Good luck

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  • Hi i read your post and i want you to know that you really need to act fast so that you dont loose your wife to another man. been far from each other is never going to work out well for you both. have also been in such situation with my husband but today i have to fight back my husband and we resolve t all. am happy with my family now together. can you mail me on my email there are some tips and advice i will love to share with you which will help you a lot this is my email on mccartkatty@ gmail. com

    • Honestly I have been fighting to get her back but most times I feel it's already gone. I don't think we have it anymore. I believe she's tired and tbh so am I

    • ok wish you success

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