Okay what should I do, she's going to be there at the party too?

So my ex broke up with me 6 months, it wasn't amicable at all. I'm a panicky person so I suspect she's dating a junior who is pretty tall and hunkish. There's a party next week, a farewell for a mutual friend, and I want to go but I'm so anxious that if I see her I'll anyway piss in my pants, and with another guy? Goddamm no. It's not like. im not over her, but c'mon she's an ex you all know how it is.
What do I do? Should I avoid the party altogether? It's genuinely an important one but I'm. not sure. ill have fun if she's around :(


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  • If you really feel bad about it - don't go. If you feel like you are ok with the fact she will be making out with her new boyfriend - try it and stay cool. Otherwise first get over it and then attend such parties.


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  • Get shitfaced and stop giving a crap.


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