Why is he still with her if he's always cheating?

There's this guy I know and he's been with this girl last year but they broke up but they were still like "together". They were still hanging out and stuff but they weren't official anymore. During that time span, I had sex with him. Then the following month they got officially back together. And we had sex again, but this time he legit cheated on her. (Keep your opinions to yourself on how I'm such a bitch and how could I do such a thing, blah blah blah. I know what I did was bad, but whatever it's not my problem.) I'm not the only girl that he's cheating on his girlfriend with and I know it. So my question is, why is he still with her if he's constantly cheating on her and doesn't seem to care?


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  • It's comfortable. Basically, he's using you and other girls to fulfill his sexual needs. He wants spontaneity and spice, so he cheats. However, his girlfriend is still satisfying his other needs for stability, comfort, company, and every day fun. The kinds of things you only get after being with someone for a little while and developing a relationship. In short, he's getting to have his cake and eat it too. Breaking up with her to find someone who satisfies everything would take too much work for him and frankly I don't think he would find it yet. If he can cheat all the time the issue lies with him. It goes without saying that the guy is a jerk. But to answer your question simply, it's laziness. He's still getting other benefits (sexual and non sexual) that he doesn't want to work to find with anyone else just yet. Besides, if he's getting away with having sex elsewhere with girls like you, why would he? He's got the perfect scenario.


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  • She either doesn't know, or she loves him so much she puts up with it and hopes she can change him. No one deserves a jerk like that. Everyone has moments of weakness, but to try and get away with it repetitively is just wrong. I don't blame you, I've been with girls before who weren't single. Because I liked them and if their partner was keeping a proper eye on them they'd have knew about it. It was pretty obvious none of the guys gave a crap, and some of them were even cheating themselves. It's not my issue to be honest.

  • because

    • Good answer my friend! This totally answers my question!!

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    • The logic of you people? What is that supposed to mean? What logic is involved in my question? It's a simple and straight forward question asking why he's still with her if he's always cheating?

      Or is my logic too complex for you to answer a question?

    • My logic is flawless. yours is just because

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