Was this intentionally done by my ex?

She broke up with me a couple months back. Immediately went into no contact. We see each other a lot as we go to the same gym together.

she always tries to be very friendly or super cold. Tries to make me jealous. Always attempting to get my attention. ALWAYS!

anyways, a few days ago I got tagged and pm'd into a group chat by her friend. She was tagged in the group chat too. Found it highly biZarre.

is this intentional? Why do this?
The group chat was an Instagram thing. We were tagged in an ab fitness thing


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What Girls Said 2

  • Yes she is trying to gain all this power because they feel like there In control of u !!! They took u for granted find another gym fit a little while n heal your broken heart !!! Act as if there not there n don't seem down around them at all

  • I feel she's trying to get YOU to take HER back. but if you confronted her shed play dumb. she wants you to go after get and make you look desperate. thats my opinion


What Guys Said 1

  • I don't see why she'd care if you were part of some sort of group chat or not. I agree its possible she is trying to make you jealous though


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