What should I do my mom is threating me and I do not feel safe in my own home?

i got a text from my mom this morning and i feel very unsafe... and i feel i have 100% reason to feel this way. i find out i was 11 weeks prognant last week and my sister told my mom. i was alseep in my bed and walk up to bring dragged by my hair... next thing i known am in a car being scream out and my. sister blocking me from getting out. my mom theaeaten me and told me if i didn't get abortion she will hurt me. i was scared for my life so i did it... anyway am movinf out with my boyfriend in the next few days i known my mom. won't allow it. how can i get my stuff from the house? n should i file a police report?


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  • I'm confused the post relate to a girl's profil which you aren't.

    • using my boyfriend account

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    • i guest so

    • well you leave me now really with nothing else to say 🤐

  • How old are you

    • 21 and using my boyfriend account

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    • yes if she is violent you need to make sure that you protect yourself

    • she has been in the past and just threatrn me yday night

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