He moved fast in the relationship, then dumped me because it's too soon?

He pushed me into the relationship early on, adored me, complimented me all the time, told all of his family about me, I met some of them, he bragged to all of his friends about me and I met all of them while he proudly held my hand and was so happy with me. I have a mutual friend with him and he would apparently talk about me all the time while in the barbers every week. Took me on nice dates which he insisted he payed for. We got along perfectly well and there was never an awkward moment, we laughed and smiled constantly. His mum even invited me over to their house.

He told me previously he's suffering with depression, his family hate him, he hates living where he does (an hour away) as he's originally from here and can't see his friends much, plus works 12 hour days. After a month of being amazing together, I got a text yesterday that he's not ready and he thought he was but he's not. He wants to stay in contact but not be with him. I don't understand?


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  • Wow something i just came out of a couple of weeks ago Zzz. Head up girl you'll be ok. Find some hobbies you've always wanted to do. It's not fair that he wants you to keep in contact with him. You'll just end up getting hurt. And the mind games will continue.


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  • did you give him a lot of head?


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