Why is he behaving weirdly? What does he want?

Hey guys long story short. My ex and i were together for 1 year and 8 months and through the relationship we had 3 or 4 breakup because he lost feelings randomly. If we fought or got busy he would start to get distant and eventually try break it off but change his mind when we actually tried to go ahead with him and try "make it work" and this happened for months. He is 24 and i am 23 soon. He was Muslim and i was Christian which was a problem too.

Last week Sunday we finally brokeup, so its been 1 week and a bit and he lost feelings again apparently. During the week we had a couple of little arguments but still he was planning trips for us to go away at the end of year however out of no where when i asked him if he wants to be with me, he said i don't know. I got upset and requested a answer. The next day I asked him again because this was just dragging on now. That day he was upset about his cat being sick and was crying all day so i left it till night time. When again confronting him at night time he said i don't know so i pushed for a answer and he said no and we brokeup. The next I day I was very upset and we met up upon me asking a lot of times and he said he didn't love me, saw me as a great friend etc. Visibly I was upset and crying , i have depression too. He also threw away all the gifts I returned to him in the bin infront of me which upset me more.

So when i went home I noticed he blocked me on Facebook messanger and not Facebook itself which was even more upsetting now because he was trying to have some sort of control. Anyways 1 week onward I still had him on Instagram and Snapchat and i started moving with my life and posting photos, keeping busy. And today I saw he unfollowed me of everything. If he was trying to be civil and if he didn't have any feelings ( as he said) then why unfollow me, It's not like I posted anything bad or tried to contact him. He was the one who brokeup but wanted to be friends.


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  • Why do you care? He's an ex. You will not reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after nor will you remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. Get over it and him and stop being pathetic. Never have anything to do with an ex forever


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  • Haha my previous situation sounded similar. The very last part, at least. Maybe he was hiding something (perhaps a fling with another girl and he waited an answer from her), other than that he sounds really immature. Don't waste your time on someone who keeps you dragging. If he comes back, have no mercy because then you will be in control. The blocking thing from social media is just out of anger, control and immatureness. I think there is more to his behavior than what he is telling you or expressing. I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.


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