How did I get trapped back with him?

so I tried to break it off with him but it didn't work now it's back to square one he manipulates the whole convo he ignored all the important stuff I said how do I get rid of him without being mean? stressed because I can't get out of this cycle I'm repeating with him I know he's not good for me from what happened before no respect and effort from him and excuses how do I get rid of him? cause I do think think he's getting it.


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What Guys Said 2

  • be more serious in your discussions with him, if it doesn't work ignore him and do whatever you please.

  • just say "I'm leaving you" then leave. no talking it out, no explanations, just leave.


What Girls Said 1

  • Simply say that is it! Turn round, walk away and do not speak to him or anything else. Go find a new guy.

    He cannot force you to be with him. Sometimes if a guy is mean, you have to be mean yourself. It may be the only way he will understand.


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