Is this normal? advise please

I texted my ex-boyfriend about a month ago. I got no response, I also called from another number and he picked up. I didn't say anything. I think he is still mad at me or doesn't want to deal with at the moment. I know our relationship is over. I still care about him and I wish that we can just sit down and talk for one day. I just want to to see how he is doing.

I haven't talked to him months. I just hope that he is okay. We kinda broke up on bad terms. He dumped me...I didn't agree with at first because he was my first boyfriend and I never dealt with MOVING I am better now!

How can I get through this?

What do you guys think.

I am 22 he is 25 we dated almost 2 years.


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  • all you can do is wait. and yes it is normal. he obviously I just not ready yet


What Girls Said 1

  • First boyfriends and first heart breaks are hard. But you shouldn't call him. He let you go for a reason. And if there is no reason, they'll find a reason. Just let him be. Let more time pass. If he didn't answer the first time, you shouldn't have gone out of your way to call him from another number. That just screams desprate for lack of a better word. (Sorry if your not. Haha. Like I said, lack of a better word) I guess the only thing I can really tell you is to let him go. You miss what you had, but maybe he's moving on and doing great. You don't want to ruin that for him. You want him to be happy.


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