What was the purpose for my ex to do this?

So several months ago, my ex broke up with me. Went straight into 'NC'. Seemed upset that I wasn't chasing her. Then always tries to grab my attention by being super friendly or cold (constant cycle), tries to make me jealous, and always teasing me whenever she is super friendly. There are many more to list but I can't even remember right now. Just to add to that, we go to the same gym so we see each other a lot.

Several days ago, I got an instagram group message from her friend. The group had my ex, her friend, her friends sister, another friend, and lastly, me. I found the post on the instagram page bizarre and nobody really discussed it.

Was this an attempt to get my attention? If so, why?


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  • She wants you to be jealous


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  • i wouldn't go anywhere that my ex just MIGHT be there.


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