Girls, Is their a chance with her still? Maybe she will realize she over reacted if I give her space? Also would I want her back?

So my girlfriend she's 25 and I 38 years old just broke up. We also live together (renting)... We broke up because we had two big fights over the weekend... the first fight was that she felt scared because i was driving us home but I was sober and she was borderline blacking out and this became a scream fest with her attacking my arm while I'm driving and digging her nails in to my arm and cutting me to the point i needed 3 stitches.. We make up the next day and I apologize for cussing at her and she says sorry for my arm but that she felt scared.. Anyway I forgive her because I love her. We then have a bigger fight two days later because I was still mad about my arm and we are both screaming at each other because I never disagree with her essentially because if she doesn't get her way it becomes a issue so I kind of had all this stuff pent up in me and I told her that i hate her sometimes... She then calls her mom who tells her to leave me and that no one should ever yell at her (shes coddled). Monday and Tuesday are awkward but she keeps telling me she loves me and that she's not leaving because once again Im the one apologizing for everything for yelling at her and cussing at her and she says it will take time but she will forgive me eventually for yelling at her and making her feel scared... Wednesday I come home and she sits on my lap and kisses me and is cute and we talk about our day and then she calls her mom for 20 minutes comes back inside and breaks up with me and tells me her parents are flying down from Boston tonight. I pack my stuff and she asks for the key...(were both on the lease) I deleted her and her friends of all social media.. we have no mutual friends so that helps.. my friends deleted her as well and I don't have her number memorized and deleted that out of my phone right after we had our last texts where she said she loves me but we can't be together. I had to rent a new place. I'm going to disappear from her life. I love her though.


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  • There's no chance

    • What makes you say that? And I'm at at total fault or should I not want her back if that remotely even presented a chance?

    • Your right , too much was done on both sides

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