(Ex) boyfriend and I broke up because of his mental health, should I give him space?

Hi guys, I'm new to all of this, a little scared but thought I'd give it a go and get some help/advice, if I can please. I had been with this guy for 8 and the relationship meant the world to me, he also said the same. I could honestly see a great future ahead of us, we had spoke about being together for a long amount of time and how happy we were with each other, and it felt great, it really did. Things can't always stay in the 'honeymoon period' of a relationship, and recently he had said that himself, and I agreed because eventually things move forward, but he called me his partner instead of his girlfriend, which I really liked. Recently he's been having financial troubles, he could never really pay for things for us, and felt annoyed when he couldn't do so. He then opened up to me and told me a few things about his past, that were very deep, that he had never told anyone before. He even broke down to me which he'd never done before, to anyone. He told me he 'needed space' to sort himself out. A couple weeks had gone by and we met up and spoke, he admitted that he had a mental health problem and that he didn't want my help, he said he usually just powers through it himself. He told me he needed to take a step back from everything and sort things out 1 by 1 and with that, we ended it. He didn't fight for it either, which upset me more. He was like a different person and it's totally broke me. He changed his profile photo on Facebook from us to himself and his dog and we haven't spoken for about a week now. He mentioned how he just wanted to be alone from everyone and that he didn't know what he wanted and couldn't see his future for anything. I really miss him and want to be there for him, I've had to reach out to his family because I am so concerned for him.
I've felt very differently with him than I have with anyone else, I want to fight for the relationship but should I give him space?

Thank you
(Ex) boyfriend and I broke up because of his mental health, should I give him space?
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