What to do when you break up but live together?

my girlfriend and I broke up over the weekend. We were having issues for months but I didn't want to give up on it. Anyways she lives in my house in the same room as me. The other night she brought a dude outside of house and hung out with him out there for a couple hours after I specifically asked for only one thing: that she not bring any guys around. First off kinda sad that she's fucking around with another guy already. But also she's been a total bitch to me as if I owe her a place to stay. Would I be at all to blame for throwing her on the street at this point? lol.


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  • Personally I don't think you would be in the wrong for throwing her out on the streets, as long as she's not taking care of her fair share around the house. If she's just mooching and it's your home, along with going against one ground rule you set, throw her out.

    I am in a similar situation, but in mine, she's still doing her part and respecting me enough to not being other guys around, and vice versa.

    • See that's the thing, if we just lived in peace till she got her place I'd never consider throwing her out. I'm not like that. But she's the one that gave up on the relationship long ago and now is adding insult to injury. I'm going to avoid throwing her on the street because I don't want anyone to have to live there. but I think I've worked something out so she can live with someone other then me. This just isn't healthy.

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