What does he want from me?

So, me and my ex broke up after three years about six months ago. He has been very weird to me. He has given me mixed up signals these months. One day he wants so hang out and he is very intressed in everything about me but the next day he can be a total douche and tell me that "we are never ever getting back together". He seems pretty jealous of me, asks questions of me from mutual friends and then rages about other boys. He has been going wild about seeing other girls but doesn't want anything serious. He has been hurting a lot of girls lately. He drunk calls me and stuff too. Now he is seeing one of his friends ex girl and the friend is pissed off. He tells me that is "VERY SERIOUS" and tries to make me jealous. To all of his friends he tells that they are friends with benefits and she is not his type. and by the way his whole family and all of his friends says he has changed and they are worried about him

What does he want from me? and is this a rebound relationship... H E L P!
What does he want from me?
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