Why doesn't he care after a break up?

I had a relationship with a guy, unfortunately we weren't together long only a couple of months. But we caught feelings quick and it was fast paced but we loved it. He introduced me to his friends and all of his family knew and asked about me a lot, we planned holidays together, we planned a lot in fact. He bragged about me to his friends at any moment he got, his barber knew who I was and would ask about me. He would take me on dates that would always turn into fun hilarious times where we just loved each other's company no matter what we did.

We honestly had no problems, we were completely happy around each other. Or so I thought until he broke up with me a few days after a date in a paragraph over text. Saying he isn't ready and he thought he was but he's so sorry. I didn't understand at all, we were really happy, he had previously told me he's depressed but I don't even know if that's a lie now. It's only been two days and he doesn't seem bothered at all, he bluntly responds to some of my texts and he owes me money because I gave it to him when he didn't have enough, he ignores me about paying me back but is bragging online about how he just got paid a lot for something and is booking a holiday.

I just dont understand how somebody can show you off to the world, take you places, tell his friends and family about you and even introduce you to them, seem to care so much about me, and then act like this? He won't even give me a good reason for it ending when we were both happy
Why doesn't he care after a break up?
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