Haven't heard from my boyfriend in 9days?

I haven't heard from my boyfriend for 9 days he needed time to thi k about us and he said he will get back to me. The whole space came about bc he saw a text on my phone and thinks I'm talking to another guy. I explained to him that I'm not and that the person who text prob saved my number from a while back and decoded to text me randomly. Anyways it's been 9 days is it over?
Well it's been 12 days and i decided to call him today since I haven't heard from him , he changed his number.😢


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  • Well, the question is, how long do you want to wait to find out? Do you enjoy the feeling of being in limbo, particularly when you feel you haven't actually done anything wrong? My take on this is that I don't do limbo, I take control of my life. If I were in your shoes I would have told him to fuck off already.


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