Ex really wanting to hang out?

Me and my ex broke up about 6 months ago. After a period of no contact, we started talking again. It's mostly him initiating the contact and recently he's been calling me about once every week or two weeks asking me to hang out (which I do not mind at all, but find weird). I'm not dumb. I know exes can be friends after a break up, but I do find it weird that he keeps asking me over and over to meet up. Usually with my previous exes it would just be like a passing "yeah we should hang out sometime " and that's it, no asking over and over. My question is, is he trying to start something again? Or is this normal and I'm just over thinking it? Let me know what u think

And by the way, we haven't met after the break up yet. It gets canceled for whatever reason everytime.

Also, can u guys please let me know how to act when I do see him? I want us to go back together but I'm not willing to initiate it cuz he was the one that hurt me in the relationship so I find it hard to be the one showing him I'm still interested in a relationship with him.
Thanks guys <3
Ex really wanting to hang out?
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