If my boyfriend tries to make one ex jealous, and flirts with his other ex?

He wants to hang out with them both, not together but soon. He's a really nice person but is this weird? In the past month he happened to get back in contact with both of them. coincidence
  • Uh oh, looks like he's sick of you
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  • He's one confused guy and doesn't know who he wants
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  • It's a coincidence, don't freak out, you're still dating him
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  • RUN! My ex did the same thing and that's how he ended up cheating on me with both of them, seperately, during our 15 month relationship. Be careful hunni...

    • I know he would never cheat or anyone he would break up with me before that.. but that's what I'm scared of, ist hat he'll dump me. but what if I become too protective and then I push him away more?

    • Not trying to scare you but my ex said the same thing and lied to me by saying that he'd never cheated on any of his exes and never would cheat even after I caught him after what turned out to be the second time. It wasn't until our relationship was at breaking point that he admited to cheating on me before at the start of our relationship. As his girlfriend you have every right to let him know that his talking to his exes makes you uncomfortable and that while you trust him you don't trust them

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