Is it for the better now?

my boyfriend broke up with me through chat. before we broke up, we were in a sports complex. he always forces me to watch him play. he was playing volleyball with his friends and he asked me to jog while he plays. when i came back from jogging, he was still busy playing. he was supposed to help me in stretching but he did not help me. everytime he looks at me i kept on telling him that i needed to go home because im done exercising and i can't go home late. he won't let me and told me to wait a little more but time is running and i could not wait since im too tired and i can go home by myself. my mom would be mad at me if i'm late so i walked out of the court. he was calling me but i did not look back because im very mad at him.

idont really like sports as much as he does and im not fond of watching games but because of him i gave it time. i watched him as long as i have time. the thing is i hope he appreciates me going there just for him and i also hope he respects my time. it's not like he can force anything with me. i have no problem with him loving volleyball so much but he should also give me the time to do my things. i understood him for the times that he wasn't there for me when i needed him because he was too busy playing. i did not mind him going home late because of his games, but deep inside i was wondering where he'd been to. i endured it all.

the question is, should i reply to his break up text or not? it's almost 24 hrs since he sent the text and i have nt replied anything yet.


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  • Not only no but fuck no. Never have anything to do with an ex forever


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  • Forget about it that was lame anyway on his part breaking up like that. People are not serious if they've had to break up over a text

  • don't reply


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