Why did my ex give me his number?

We split on amicable terms last month, lived together so I moved out as it was his house: I have often text him and he responds then I realised it was me initiating contact so last week I stopped coz I felt like I was bugging him... he randomly text me this morning saying hey he has a new number but still has his old one (work phone) that's he's switched of for a week whilst on leave and incase I need to contact him here's his new number..., why?


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  • wn a guy is at that breakup level w u, he was probably extremely annoyed by u & in reality its a little over the legth of one season separatation "time out" for u. if it was a time out, he'd wanna get back b4 the 100th day mark. if it wasn't l, then he's just slowly brushing off the attatchment & he's gonna stop thinking of u in anyway u like (as his love)

    • I don't understand your question... we broke up a month ago and he randomly gives me his new number, for no reason as there was nothing else to be contacted with each other for

    • he certainly misses connecting w u. but it doesn't mean he feels u all the way. he likes u to keep begging but he's not sure ure eternal.
      if he has another "better" option, he'll eventually shift away from u.

    • *keep u "begging him" (directly/indirectly)

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  • He wants you to contact him again because he misses you but he'll never openly admit it. Basically, he also secretly wants to get back with you but that can be a pretty dicey maneuver for a guy to pull off with an ex. It can be done but it's also very easy to fuck up.

  • You interested in knowing him again?

  • No idea but your hot


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