What does that even mean?

My ex and I broke up around 22 days ago after a big fight. I started ignoring him, he ended up messaging me multiple times. Last week we bumped into each other and he said he misses me and still loves me. I told him how the things that he did made me feel and he agreed to try to stop doing those things and said that he would like to have me in his life however I choose to have him.

The very next day though, he got weird. This week I asked him what exactly is going on, and he said that he does still love me and is not over me yet, and would like to be friends, because he is scared to start something again because he didn't know he messed me up that way and it bothers him, and that he doesn't want to put me through that again. (Basically the opposite of what we discussed the last conversation).

Just my luck, I bumped into him yesterday again. he's still flirty with me and keeps trying to touch me and act like we used to when we were together - it's like every time that I pull away or take myself out of his life, he tries to pull me back in.

What should I do? Should I just ignore him again or take things slow and see how it goes? We were together almost a year and a half. I really do love him, but I'm at a loss.


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  • He's trying to control the situation, if I were you turn around and go the other ignore him completely block him on everything.


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