My Friend's ex won't leave him alone?

My friend and his girlfriend have been dating for 3 years until all of a sudden she decided to break up but my friend resisted and they got back together. And then he met me and told me how he doesn't get along with his girlfriend and stuff. She became super insecure of me. And my friend told her that he is done but she is in deniel and won't break up. My friend is dating me now but we don't call it an official thing. She doesn't want to move on cz obviously she sees me as a competition now. It was her idea in the first place to part ways. My friend says that he is going to handle her and his relationship with her might not last long. How do i date him then if she doesn't want to move on? She is in deniel. What do we do to make her break up? She doesn't know about us dating but is definitely very suspicious.


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  • You're a dumb slut for dating a taken man. Wait till he's broken up dumb ass

    • Thank you for the opinion there anon. But it's not nice to speak to people like that, you can be courteous as well :) don't show so much hatred. Have a good day :)

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