Mixed signals, what should I expect?

My now ex broke up with me about 2 weeks ago. Not too long after I told her for the first time that I love her. I think she got scared of her feelings and left. Her and I rallied in person last week to get some of my things back and she pretty much re iterated why she broke up with me and all of that. Before I left I gave her something of mine that she wanted and with it was a note that was written in hopes of the conversation we had that day was different.
She text me about an hour later saying she was sorry and thinks we are worth fighting for and that she wanted to talk again in person. Since then her and I have made small talk here and there and a lot of mixed signals are coming from her. A lot of "I had this for dinner and I think you would have liked it." "I think my dog misses you" "I wish you were here hiking witb me"
Along with a lot of "radio silence"

I'm not too sure what she's thinking or how to approach it but her and I are supposed to talk again tomorrow in person.
How should I prepare for this, should I keep my distance?
She's admitted to being really confused and that she knows she's sending mixed signals.


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  • I think you should expect nktbing to happen

    • I mean I'm not going into tomorrow thinking her and I are going to get back together. I'm just really scared of what the conversation could entail.

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