Wife Left Me For Her Boss. I still love her so much, what can I do?

Okay, so my marriage wasn't doing great, but I didn't think it was that bad. I have PTSD and my depression just made everything bad for her. She had told me the separation would help our marriage. Well, months later I found out she was with her boss... from the job she took one month after leaving me. Everyone saw the signs and so did I, she was cheating on me. I found out her messaging password and her email as well. Everything was there and it sucks. I hated it so much and I was helpless as she kept lying to me about it.

The guy she left me for was arrested for sexually assaulting his sister in law. I found out he just got over his second divorce and met her. He used to be addicted to drugs and recently he got drunk and sent my parents threats, even bringing up my children during it. My dad left a one star on his business on Facebook with no words on it, deleted it a couple of hours later. He is her boss and he is ten years older than her. To top it all off she makes excuses for all of these issues and says he deserves a second chance, but tells me how much she hates me. We were together for twelve years and have three beautiful boys. I didn’t care that she cheated. I loved her and wanted her back. I was so sorry for the things I said during our depression. Yeah, I didn’t hit her, cheat or do anything that was completely bad, but I can’t blame her for not wanting to be around me at the time. Her mom, friends, pretty much everyone says that she is lost and this won't last. I agree with that.

Honestly, if she does come back to me I'm going to tell her the truth of what needs to be done. We are both messed up in the head and need help. I love her so damn much and I don't believe in the whole once a cheater always a cheater. If things like that were true I wouldn't have gotten myself out of my hole like so many people believed.

I'm just looking for advice on this situation, any thoughts?
Wife Left Me For Her Boss. I still love her so much, what can I do?
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