Should I break up with him?

Reasons to break up:

- He doesn't act like an adult and doesn't plan to anytime soon. He's doesn't want to grow up and just feels like playing video games all day.

- He doesn't sacrifice for me anymore..just always does what he wants even when we have a weekend planned to ourselves.

~ I'll let him play video games for hours (me being bored out of my mind) but he won't sit and watch a movie with me like he used too...

~ Basically refuses to go on walks which we both really enjoyed (at least I thought he did), always tired and doesn't feel like it.

~ Won't exercise with me even though he said he would, came over to his house one day in clothes to jog or walk in and he decides not to go even though he said we could the day before.

~ He never does things that I really wanna do anymore and its not fair to me, I've gotten to the point where I don't even ask.

- We don't hang out as much, one reason is that we don't go to school anymore so I can't just walk over to his house, we usually only hang out like once a week. He spends most of his time with his friends so not much room in his schedule for'll only get worse in college.

-I don't even remember the last time we had a convo on the phone, and when we text, its just not enough. We don't even text as often as we used too.

- He's really negative about life, he thinks everything is a waste of time, because he could be playing video games instead.

I think he may have lost interest, I feel like I have too mainly because of hows he's been treating me..

I need answers.. :[


Most Helpful Girl

  • This is actually a question for you?!

    As hard as it may be initially, DUMP HIM! The one you are dating should be someone that always makes you happy. Sure, you can argue at times, but unless it's something they REALLY hate doing, just spending time with you makes any activity worth the while.

    It sounds like you are really going places (congrats!), and he appears to be depressed. That doesn't mean it's your responsibility to help him, nor should you. He has to want more for himself, and until he could do that, he is just going to continue to let you down.

    If it helps me make my case any more to you, I had to leave my fiance for some of the exact same reasons when I left for college. Most heartbreaking experience of my life to date, but I am SO glad I did it. Seriously.

    The person you are with should bring out the best in you, not emotionally break you down by bailing on you and subconsciously making you feel like you aren't worth more. The fact that you have to question whether or not to leave this guy proves my previous statement exactly!

    Good luck!


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  • Hi sweaty, You sound like one of my ex's... Live your life and he will follow or nag him and he wil dissapear... flip a coin!

    • I don't nag him I hardly complain about anything he does, I just think we are too different, like our views on things. He is a slip of who I thought he was when we started the relationship and I only ask for him to do things I want to once in a while, its not a my way or the highway type of relationship.

What Girls Said 2

  • You didn't say how long you have been dating. However, it's obvious that you aren't happy and aren't getting anything positive from this relationship anymore. I think you need to talk to him one-on-one as a last ditch effort to see if it's salvageable. In my mind, before I terminate a relationship I really try to do everything in my power to be sure I tried to make it work so I have peace of mind.

    • We've been dating close to a year, which isn't that long, but long enough to know a person. I have talked to him about it, like I'll give him major hints that he's upsetting me and that I don't like how things are right now. I tried to break up with him once before for similer reasons but he told me he was just getting lazy and that he'd change and he did for a little while. It has been this way for a few months now, pretty much since we graduated..

  • I think he's depressed and needs therepy.


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