Why won't he text me back?

me and this boy always talk on msn, text each other.. like everyday. We like flirt with each other when we talk online and whatever. I really like him! But I've been texting him lately but he never texts me back. I said hi to him on MSN and he just went offline. I really don't know when I have done. The day before we were fine. I feel really sad, an I can't stop thinking of him. Because I like him so much!

yeah he lives about 15 min away from me..!


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  • He sounds like an ass.


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  • It's an online flirting relationship!

    What the hell did you expect?

    Come to your country and ask you to marry you?

    That wouldn't work!

    So, get over him (since it is a e-relationship) and go get a REAL boyfriend.

    I'm just saying.


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  • Well you either did something to make him not want to correspond with you or he's just ignoring you. You should really think back to what happened between you two before he started ignoring you.

  • Woo either you've fallen for the most common trick of the game or he is uninterested and is after somebody else. You can't push things and if he's acting like that then don't smother him. Give a little room and let him come back to you. Play the game right back no matter how much you like him. Try that for the rest of your life.

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