Head Over Heels Problem?

So I'm still head over heels over my ex of 1 yr and a half having been together and who were living together. She says things that contradict herself like saying don't know what the future holds and saying we just need to get our shit together and possibly try later, and then she'll say or act like we won't get back together or say "I can't fall in love with you again". I'm trying to get over her but I'm still so hung up. I'm in love guys and it hurts. looking for talking to other girls for relationships feels so wrong I don't think I can keep looking. what should I do guys?


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  • As much as you hate dating other girls.. you have too! The best possible outcome you find someone else.. the worst outcome you stay longing for a girl who probably is dating other guys.. if she meets someone and moves on.. its going to be a LOT more painful then. I understand being in love with someone beyond manageable it took me years to move on but now I don't even think about him.. I met another guy I feel hard for and we just broke up.. and now I am starting over.. its hard & it sucks because some moments you stay in the phase of thinking no one will understand you like them etc. And you get stuck in the *happy moments You had* You have to try and remember WHY it didn't work, remember her flaws, remember everything hurtful she said to you.. focus on becoming a better person (mentally, physically & emotionally).. I personally joined a gym, changed my music to upbeat positive music, taking some classes , and talking to a new guy. It's baby steps but if u sit and ponder over and over her.. check her social statuses etc you're going to find yourself stuck and miserable!


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