My heart is broke can I get some help PLEASE?

I was dating the girl for 6 weeks. We were have a great time together and evert hung was going smoothly. I started to really fall in love with her so I told her how I felt about her, and I asked if she would like a relationship with me. She sat there for a minute not saying a word then looked at me and said that she would love nothing more then to have a relationship with me but she didn't think it would work because of her busy schedule. She is a volunteer firefighter and is trying to make it a career. She said that it wouldn't be fair to me if we were in a relationship cause she would have the time that is needed to keep it healthy. So we left and went separate ways. That evening we talked for about an hour or so over the phone. She kept saying she wishes it could work but she didn't think it would and if we got into a relationship and later on it started to go south cause of her schedule it would be harder to break it off then it is now. Do you guys have any suggestions for me? I really like this girl and we are both wanting this to work but she's afraid it won't last. I really need some help cause I'm hurting. What do you think I should do?
I don't think you guys are understanding what I'm say. We know everything about each other. When I said we dated for 6 weeks that doesn't mean 6 dates. We went out with each other 2 and 3 times a week. A lot of times we use went to the park and sat in my truck and talked and laughed. I felt like we were starting to connect and I started falling for this girl. On the weekends we would stay out half the night just talking. Then when we got home she would start texting me wanting to talk more.


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  • You cannot love someone you do not know... therefore if you love someone after 6 weeks... you are in love with a fantasy and a projection. The girl realized this subconsciously hence her response.

    There may also be an element of self sabotage as well. Subconsciously you may have ''known'' that telling this girl how you felt after only 6 weeks would have made her run for the hills. Therefore you may unknowingly not even want this relationship.

    What do you do now? allow yourself to do what ever it is you need to. Whether this is obsessing about her, day dreaming or crying. However, it is best to channel all energy in a useful and positive way.

    Personally I'd use this energy to train, get stronger, channel her into becoming better than you already were. Make her regret letting you go by becoming a super hero... with the hope that you may realize that you never needed her in the first place...

    • But she told me how she felt about me thats why i told her how i felt. I ended up joining a local gym yesterday so I can take out some of the confusion and frustration

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    • I'm guessing most of the girls on here told you to do that. That can be done spontaneously at a later stage, but in the early stages I see it as better to simply show. ''Show'' don't ''tell''.

    • That really doesn't help me a lot right now.

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  • move on, life sucks.

    • Easier said then done.

  • Sounds like she is letting you down easy. I always tell a guy I am too busy to date. But I'm sitting on my ass watching netflix🤣🤣

    • Why is it easier lying to someone isn't going to make it better for either person. Why not just rip it off like a band aid. That way there is no confusion later. That's why I'm having a hard time with this. She told me she likes me then why not try to make it work.

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  • if she really loved ya... she would try to make it work


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