How do I deal with him?

When I come across his face seems the opposite of brightened up... he looks pale. Then he sometimes seem to shiver when our eyes contact.
Then his posture is not 'standing upright' he literally is down. He is so popular and he hates me and got a few to not like me.. but why does he always seem so pissed off? I'm good for nothing, I'm a average student but he is the captain of the football team and he is the class monitor and the teachers love him and hates me. And then he shows to hate me and then he is always looking out for me and there is this position when our eyes always meet. He gets jealous too, of me talking to another guy.
Guys when do you do that with all these mixed signs.. well for what I get out of it is.. He still loves and then tries to show that he hates me but still wishes to be with me, And would love to be with him again but now I'm annoyed at how he tries to piss me off and to put me down. I would rather stay single forever. He now is back on with his 'lovey dovey' expressions, I want to keep falling for me and I want him to regret... what do I do? I love him but dude he needs to pay for what he did. How do I piss him off?


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What Guys Said 1

  • i find this so funny. You both want each other sooo sooo bad. But Pride gets in the way. He has some kind of masculine ego to preserve and you have some feminine ego you need to uphold. It sounds like you guys need to take that eye contact and be honest deep down inside and express your needs to each other. Is this ur BF? Ex? Length of r'ship?

    • EX we had a 4 year relationship and broke up 5 months ago.

    • So its up to you then. It sounds like he sure still wants you. But the important question is do you want him? The rest will answer itself

What Girls Said 1

  • He needs to man up and make you his woman!

    • Me his woman... lol... I don't want anymore... I'm inclining towards not being 'his woman'. He should still do that though. Or needs to leave me alone.

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