Broken Up But Still Talking? Advice?

So me and my boyfriend of 8 months broke up 3 days ago. I broke up with him after being very unhappy in the relationship for the past month, we barely spoke or contacted each other and it was just very rough for us. The unhappiness was sparked by when I caught him flirting with another girl over text and after a lot of thinking and talking i gave him another chance but things didn't get better. He is going through a really tough time with university and his parents and so I understand that he can no longer prioritise me in his life right now but because of how little we communicate and the little effort he puts in, I had to end things. He agreed and asked we remain friends and apologised for not treating me better. Since then we discussed how we feel about the breakup and despite us both still being in love with one another, we decided its best to be apart. Personally I'm finding the breakup really hard and I'm starting to regret it which I expressed to him but he said he doesn't want to hurt me anymore and that he needs to get his life sorted out, but he promises to still be in my life for now and support me. We are still talking now and he'll message me asking if I'm okay and how I'm coping. It's making the breakup harder because I just want to be with him and tell him I love him and miss him but I know that he'll just say we need time apart and we shouldn't get to close. I don't think I can cope without us texting everyday because its the only thing getting me through the days but its making me want to be with him more and I know if I express that to him, he'll try and put more distance between us so that I can move on. I don't want to move on, I just want us both to sort out our lives and then get back together. As you can tell, I'm confused and rambling and probably contradicting myself. I need help on what to do. Please?


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  • Texting will destroy your relationship with him. Better talk to him personally.

  • stop

  • I'd say stop also

    • But that's going to be so hard to do... I rely on him too much :/

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    • Also must try and be dependent on yourself

    • I'm sorry about your break up too. Thank you for the advice

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