In India, how would a husband react if he hapen to face some of his wife's exes on some occasions frequently as here they stay in same cities?

Where they visited with their wives and on seeing him gives a winky smile which made him feel humiliated as he could'nt guess their intent (positive or negative). Changing city is not possible as their home is well built n in India the parents also stay with their children. Also he notices them looking towards him and discussing something n he could'nt control his thoughts that are coming insisting him that they might be making fun of him together whereas the wife is enjoying the occasion with the He also feels they are the superior as they dont have to face those situation as he knows nothing about them n their wives but they know everything about his wife's body n secrets n even got her before then Just imagine the situation n give an idea to teach them a lesson n feel respected in the croud. Is it true thatthey got something which he (husband) will never get from her now unless they divorce?


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  • Are Indian women even allowed to have exes? Don't they marry who their parents find?

    • No now there is transition period going, some marry arranged n some self chosen ones.

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