Was it right to end the relationship if my boyfriend and I want different things?

I mean, there's always a chance one of you might change your mind later on, but is staying just a waste of time if it's not guaranteed no matter how much you love each other? I want commitment (promise ring, moving in together, starting our lives) and my boyfriend doesn't (casual relationship, is uncomfortable with the idea of living together and isn't sure when he'll want to because the idea scares him, doesn't want to think about future).
He dumped me for these reasons. Telling me we both want different things and that it wouldn't have worked out anyway. And I've been of course sad about it but do you think it was for the best? We both had reasons to move out of the places we were living in and we'd been together almost a year so I figured why not move in together? His friend was offering us a room at his house. Free rent and everything. But he was always iffy about the idea of moving in together because he was afraid he'd get sick of living with me like he has before with roommates. He was just afraid of the big step in general because none of his friends lived with their gf's yet.


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What Guys Said 2

  • It's the only thing to do

  • not wrong at all. It makes sense... I mean really.

    • Why?

    • Why... what?
      Why does breaking it off make sense?

      Because we would you want to stay/ be with someone who has a different set of goals or life plans than you? You're still very young, but don't waste time on a relationship that doesn't seem to have spark

What Girls Said 1

  • That's a valid reason. There's no point in continuing a relationship where you don't want the same things.


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