Upset for breakup?

I love him so much... I did everything for him... bt he cheated on me... He never loved me he just wants the look... I am very upset with my life now... what should I do?


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  • Just forget about him and if you want a new one go out and find him. Also you can take revenge against him by making him a mockery about cheating but it may not have a nice ending so i dont recommens it but it will have a bad impact with finding new girls in the future. I have seen a case like that. But the guy didn't do anything

    • hmm :'(

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    • ok good luck with that

    • ... :)

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  • Cry and be upset. Then pick yourself up and realize you deserve better

    • I did it more times but I failed again again :(

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  • You can move on sweetie. Life is a long journey and there are a few billion people on this planet. You'll find someone much better who will appreciate you, care for you and love you to the moon and back! Focus on other aspects of life in the meanwhile, like career, health, financial goals, etc.

  • move on, it's all you can do. it's why I hate breakups so much, it's an indicator that you wasted your time. time is the only finite resource a person really has. but all you can do is pick up the pieces and move on.


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