How do I know my relationship is falling apart?

my girlfriend of nearly 2 years and I just moved in together and I just don't have the same feelings I used to have for her anymore


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What Girls Said 1

  • Are you growing bored and reatless? Or is she doing something to annoy you?

    • Yeah it's more of a bored life now and she seems more of a nuisance to me and not in the playful fun type nuisance

What Guys Said 1

  • The honeymoon period is ending. the new standard you are meant to take is one of a much lower lovebird style. This is the typical trend that people follow, normally people either break up because they don't feel the attraction as much, or they settle into routine life with the other person. However, if you really want it to work, the key is to understand that this period is going to happen with anyone you have. You're actually very well matched if you two managed to maintain the honeymoon period for 2 years, aka, you're involved. Stick with it pal, put in the effort, believe in what you have.


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