"I wasn't this way until I got with you" how would you take this phrase?

So husband soon to be ex has a bad temper & wen we try to work it out that's one of the statements he tells me how would you interpret that if your spouse were to tell you that


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  • That's so manipulative. He's trying to blame you for his insecurities so that he doesn't have to feel bad about being an ass when you can feel bad for him.
    It's an avoidance tactic.
    Just know it is nothing but a tactic and you don't have to let it get to you.

    You can actually read about it in psychology theory. It's an very common tactic.
    He doesn't like experiencing those feelings so he's deflecting them and passing the blame to you so he can feel a little better. He isn't doing it intentionally, it's more a subconscious thing but it's still manipulative and toxic.
    In these instances, just try to distance yourself til he cools off.
    Deep down he doesn't really believe you are the reason for his temper, he knows it's his own fault and it kills him to accept it.


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  • Negatively because we're about to break up which is a bad thing and have regrets why i spent my time and myself in this relationship and that i'm dropping the responsibility of how i become frol good to worst on you

  • either you pressed him into changing something about himself, or you made him more/less (insert emotion here).

  • I dont know your situation, maybe it was true...


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