I don't know what to do?

We make jokes about each other and we always sit next to each other in classes. For the past few months before I left school, he has been giving me mixed signals and emotions.
He always stare at me and smile. I feel like everyone seems to know what is going on- I feel stupid.

Around June, he asked me "do you want to go prom with me" I thought he meant as friends so I replied "of course" I meant as friends. But that didn't stop my friends from making jokes about him and I.

When it was prom day, he didn't come; he told me it's because he got in trouble (I was knew the situation and tried to help him to NOT get in trouble) the school didn't let him or his twin go to prom :((( i was upset, but that didn't stop me from having fun in prom.

So, I decided to send pictures of prom and me on snapchat, I took a lot of pictures of me (I looked exquisite) he wrote "wow, you look beautiful" at the end, he writes his messages with an 'x'


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  • I'm not understanding what you are asking.
    If you're asking if he likes you then the answer would be "maybe". i mean he did ask you to prom even though he couldn't go in the end.


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