Is it too late to initiate contact after 2 months of no contacting my ex?

Well she isn't really my ex, she is a girl I used to date. We were serious about each other, but we didn't want to commit yet.
i was doing everything right from the beginning till I made my mistakes, and she was near to the point where she wants to define our relationship. But one night, I said something hurtful to her (by accident) and it made her feel indifferent about me ever since. I would try to cheer her up and ask her out on dates but the way she speaks to was weird. So I got really insecure and I asked her if she wanted to end things with me, but to my surprise she said that she still liked me but we could break up if I wanted to. I said no, and we continued dating since then. As time progresses, I noticed that she started to distance herself from me and me knowing that's she doing that I start chasing.
i chased her till June, I decided to call her and asked if she was feeling okay these days cause she's been acting really distant. She replied that she lost feelings towards me and I just ended our call on a awkward note (our phone call was very brief).
After that call I just initiated no contact for a month and decided to her contact her again, but it didn't go so well, I asked her what I did wrong and what I could improve ( I even asked if she would give me closure).
she told me what I wanted to hear and just didn't want to talk anymore.
I really wanted to engage with her. I even liked her recent instagram post to try and get her attention but she never talked to me. I initiated no contact for another month.
And now today, I don't know how to deal with this
should I jus let give up with trying to get her back?
Is it too late to initiate contact after 2 months of no contacting my ex?
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