I told my ex I was dating someone else (I'm not) and to not contact me but I still love him.. Now I regret it. What can I do?

We have been in an on and off long distance relationship for the last 3 of 5 years. He been up with me 6 months ago but we reconnected when I visited his town last month. He says her loves me but can't say how he sees us in the future because he's got a lot on his plate (he does). I asked in if it's possible that he would get back with the mother of his child and he said yes it's possible. So I said okay and didn't contact him for 3 days and he didn't contact me. Finally I sent a text saying I am re-pursuing someone I stopped pursuing when I thought we were going to try and work things out, and also that could he please not ever contact me again although I wish him all the happiness in the world.( This wishy washi-ness
is just screwing with my emotions). Now I regret saying that because i don't want him to think he can't contact me is he decides he does want to commit. My problem, I think, is that I've always been there for him when he comes back after he disappears for awhile (probably to be with someone else) , and I'm taken for granted because he thinks I'll ALWAYS be here. So i was trying a new angle this time... (Also, However I know he does love me -don't know if he's in love-and there are extenuating circumstances that would take too long to write.) So is there a way to fix that text. I didn't get a response from him. Should I just leave it be for awhile. Do you think is he really loves me he will eventually contact me regardless? What's a guys perspective if you REALLY loved someone ( because if he doesn't really love me id rather never hear from him again anyways). How can I fix this? What are my options? He knows how much I love him... Thanks guys your input is appreciated?
Oh yeah. I also told him I wasn't going to be a backup plan anymore (before I told in about the seeing someone and to not contact me...) I mean that's how it feels. Maybe it was stupid and immature but I felt desperate... In love...


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  • On/offs never work in the end.


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