Why does he still want his ex who cheated on him?

I had a boyfriend who was so nice to me, took me on nice dates, introduced me to his friends and family, showed me off, he seemed insecure as he would shout at any guy who looked at me for too long, but he was sweet. After a really nice date he broke up with me out of nowhere for no reason, we seemed so happy I didn't understand.

But during the relationship he liked his exes picture once, and I got angry and he apologised. I said he's clearly not over her and he promised he was, and that they broke up a year ago and she cheated on him and he doesn't care. I let it slide, guys don't think about what they're liking sometimes. Then he broke up with me out of nowhere and I didn't understand, but now he's refollowed his ex. Why does he want her instead of me? They always want the ones who cheat on them and treat them bad instead of the ones that make them happy and are good to them.


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  • You are showing signs of jealousy which makes you unstable. It sounds as if he is as well. That makes for a very bad situation.

    Get your self-confidence and accept the fact, you can't control him but you can lure him Jealousy is hate disguised as love. It is an ugly emotion.

    Show your faith in him and be secure with that. If he wanders, do NOT get angry. Either drop him and don't go back or work with him so he has the opportunity to redeem himself.

    If you get any, you will draw yourself in emotionally and will get hurt.


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