I want to stop feelings for Exes?

I still have feelings for an ex that I broke up with a year ago, how can I truly move past it or shift the focus to something else?


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  • Appreciate what you had

    Realize you broke up for a reason and if she did want to stay, she would have. No one forced her to leave, it was her choice.

    Let go of her, let her be free and live her own life and you yours. Look forward to finding someone else and making more memories!

    Never hate, hate only hurts you! Letting go is one of the hardest things to do! Let go, its time to move on.

    It takes time bro, it'll take more if you aren't letting it go. Face the issues and truths about what happened besides burying the past behind you. Handle it constructively!

    Sorry bro, cheers!


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