How do you get it into your head it's over?

Iv been seeing this guy a while now but he goes on the missing list a lot. Iv spoken to him about why he goes missing and there's always an excuse. He's recently gone again, we aren't exclusive or anything it's a "casual" thing with him but even for a casual this is no good for me!

Anyway he'll come back he always does but I don't want to be stuck in this anymore. So he's left me with no closure and I know he'll crop up again

so I want this to be over now but I just can't get it into my head it is! Iv blocked him but he'll find a way through to get back to me it's just hard to get it into my head it's over so I can hurt and move on rather than just be frustrated about the situation.


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  • Do something that there is no coming back from. Nothing illegal. I call it burning the bridge so you have no way to go but forward. Expamples-Lay down an ultimatum

    Get angry and let all of your frustration come out in words. The nastier the better.

    Fuck his friend.

    I think you get my point.


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  • you must keep telling yourself he's bad for u. talking to yourself sounds mad but repeating the truth of how things are tells yourself how much better is out there and what you're worth. if he comes back say to him what you been thinking this whole time.


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